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Above the Clouds

We Get It...

..trying something new can be intimidating. What do you do when you get here? What do you talk about? How long should you plan on being here? What if you don’t feel the click as a therapist-patient pairing? Whether you've done therapy before, are brand new to therapy, or just new to this practice, we know you want to feel comfortable and safe. Don't let stigmas or unknowns deter you from scheduling your appointment. Your results and mental health goals are attainable with Breakthrough!

What to Expect

What to Bring

Feel free to bring a blanket or pillow if you find that helpful! You can lay down, sit on a couch, the floor, even stand. We want you to feel comfortable. We generally have cold water available upon request. 

Upon Arrival

When you arrive to your appointment, please take a seat in our centrally located waiting room. We now have six therapists in our office! If you arrive late, or have been waiting more than 5 minutes past your appointment time, ring the bell on the desk. Your therapist will come get you as soon as they can.

Your First Session

Your initial visit will be an assessment. These visits are scheduled for 60 minutes, and may be completed in one or two visits. Assessments will mostly consist of getting to know you AND you getting a feel for your therapist's style of therapy. We believe this is a vital component to what makes therapy productive and enjoyable despite the challenge that comes with growth, change and vulnerability. We understand how important a great match between client and therapist is.

Other things that will be discussed include; history, relevant symptoms and experiences, HIPAA/privacy laws and policies (including signatures), and most importantly, discussing a clear set of goals or a vision for what you want to accomplish during your visits at Breakthrough.

What's Next?

After initial assessment regularly scheduled visits are generally 45-55 minutes depending on needs and preferences. We will start and end sessions no more than 5 minutes before or after the scheduled time for the visit. If someone is in crisis or has an emergency, we request that others understand and we will do our best to keep people safe, but please be thoughtful and respectful of those waiting. 

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