About Us

Breakthrough Therapy is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve results or reach their mental health goals. We approach therapy with an open mind and work with each person to acknowledge challenges and communicate proper ways to overcome those. Two prominent foundational approaches Logan uses in his sessions are Cognitive Therapy and one or more of the Psychodynamic Therapy approaches.

Who You'll See

At Breakthrough we do our best to show you respect, understanding and inclusion as we help you achieve results and reach goals. Below you see our staff. We want you to feel comfortable when you visit our office, so we have given you a glimpse into our professional and personal lives.

Logan Bleazard
- Therapist and Licensed Clinical
Social Worker / Owner -

Logan is a therapist and the owner of Breakthrough. He has a beautiful wife and four fantastic kids who have helped him to reach his professional goals. While Logan has a primary focus in Utah he has also worked with individuals and families  scattered throughout the United States. 

In his spare time, Logan enjoys spending quality time with his wife and wrestling his children. He loves to spend time in the water and never says no to playing any sport. He is always seeking new opportunities to learn.

Logan Winder
- Associate Marriage and Family Therapist  -

Logan has obtained a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. Logan's clinical development and training have led him to work primarily with couples who have interest in repairing or improving their relationships. He uses emotionally focused therapy (EFT), which is an evidence-based approach that helps enhance relational function in individuals and families.

As a lifelong resident of Southern Utah, Logan enjoys hiking, canyoneering and exploring the beautiful locations nearby. He prioritizes time spent with his family and hopes to help others draw strength from their own relationships.


Gayla graduated from Utah State University in 2014 and has worked as a social worker since 2005. She is from northern Utah and moved to St. George in 2018. She is a good old-fashioned talk therapist and uses several different modalities. She combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). She also does trauma therapy with cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and EMDR. She teaches coping skills that are tailored to individual needs and will go as fast or slow based on your needs. She is passionate about her job as a therapist and invested in your treatment allowing you to enjoy everything life has to offer while managing mental health symptoms.


Gayla enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing outside doing most outdoor activities.

-Licensed Clinical Social Worker-
Gayla Stewart, LCSW
Classic Camera
-Licensed Clinical Social Worker-
Tannielle Mendoza, LCSW

Tannielle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been practicing for 23 years and in various environments; schools, children and family work, courts adolescent specific work, residential facilities, private practice. Tannielle has been a director of a substance abuse center and director of a center that worked specifically with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also continues to provide supervision for social workers needing to complete their supervision hours to become licensed.


"I do have a life! When I am not spending time with my rambunctious busy family (I have 10 children and 5 grandchildren), I enjoy anything outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking, you name it. Overall, in summary, I am passionate about my career. My driving principles as a social worker and mental health provider are to be ethical in every situation, treat every individual according to their innate and intrinsic value, and for every encounter I have to leave an individual feeling a bit more positive, whether that be through direct service delivery/intervention or a mere greeting that shows them I care and believe in their value. I look forward to meeting and working with my future clients and families."


Haley Sitterud
- Billing Manager -

Haley has been able to stay at home with her kids for the last five years, but it's hard to keep her away from a good business opportunity. With a degree in biology and experience in administration, business, web design and more she feels lucky to have a part-time gig assisting Logan in Breakthrough Therapy. 

Haley enjoys playing board games, baking cakes, reading and playing with her 3 kids. 

Lens Close Up
Tina Gubler
- Front Desk -

Tina is an Idaho girl who came to St. George for school.  While earning her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, she found and married the man of her dreams.  She chose to embrace the heat and make St. George home.  The lack of cold made it easy for her to become a certified tennis pro (teacher, not the kind on the circuit making millions). 


Tina loves being with her family.  Whether driving kids around to their various activities, hiking, playing ball, tennis, or golfing, you will find her surrounded by her family.  You can even find her in the backyard dominating her kids in an intense game of kickball.  Tina is excited to join the staff of Breakthough Therapy and for the opportunity to communicate with other adults now that her four kids are in school full time.

Mika Fredrick
- Scheduler -

Mika has worked closely with the public for 15 years in a number of fields. She’s worked with countless families and children at the Family Support Center, a nonprofit in Cedar City. She also has a background in banking and hospitality. Mika has helped change Utah’s legal system and is an advocate for women’s health and safety. She also helps educate on chronic illness and mental health.

Mika, her husband, and her two little boys are from Cedar City, Utah. They moved to St. George in 2020 and have loved it since day one. Mika loves shoes and shopping almost as much as she loves eating all of the sugary treats.


More About Logan's Therapy Techniques

"In general, my approach in therapy is using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, helping the individual learn to recognize thought patterns and how to restructure these which in turn improves the emotional response and allow for a greater ability to manage behavior as well, and then, if appropriate and necessary, I blend/combine a psychodynamic approach which will help the individual become more aware and conscious of the underlying concerns from past experience that influences them consciously and subconsciously. These approaches then ultimately lead to allowing you to integrate information from both past and present to be more mindful and in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

"Some alternative therapies I use include EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Trauma & PTSD) and Exposure Therapy (Trauma, OCD, Phobias), Motivational Interviewing (Substance abuse, Addictions, teens), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Anxieties, OCD, Depression), and Mindfulness (Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression, Grief, Sleep issues), as well as the Gottman Method for couples therapy."            -Logan