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Logan specializes in Trauma/PTSD, Teens, and Substance Abuse & Addiction. He has spent a majority of his career working with people who struggle in these areas.
Trauma / PTSD

True Long term healing is possible... cognitively, emotionally and physiologically. Let us help you through it.


Teens are a distinct therapy niche, and we have Logan, an experienced therapist in helping teens overcome many different settings and obstacles in life.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Overcoming these trials are hard work and require commitment. It's vital to have a foundational understanding of brain function and emotional underpinnings. Breakthrough Therapy is ready to help you through it.

Logan is also passionate about marriage & families, grief and anxiety & panic.
Marriage &
Family Therapy

Our clinical experience in working with family relationships is immense. We see both couples and families.


Grief is confusing and often seems to make no sense at all. Grief is unique and ought to be treated as such.

Anxiety & Panic

Racing thoughts, feeling nervous and uncomfortable, being unable to focus or be productive, and panic attacks. If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks these are only a few of the common experiences.

If you have any questions about whether we are a good fit for you, call us and we can discuss your options! Logan is very clear, honest and upfront if he feels he is not the best fit. 

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